Health Safety

Higgs Construction Limited has a current safety policy that reflects the safety needs in our changing industry.

We have a safety committee that meets once every three months to review our current safety policy and safety issues that have arisen. The safety committee is a forum of management, site staff and Simeon Lucas from Lucas Safety Consultants.

The following safety procedures are carried out on a regular basis:

  1. Site Specific Safety Plans are prepared for all projects prior to commencement on site.
  2. Site Audits are carried out monthly by our independent auditor Lucas Safety.
  3. Daily Site Specific Hazard Identification and Task Analysis’s.
  4. Weekly site toolbox meetings are carried out.
  5. Three monthly Safety Committee meetings.
  6. Site Specific Safety Reports / Updates are provided to our clients / consultants at each and every site meeting. These are accompanied with current Safety Audit reports.

ACC have recognised our very low incident rate and our well implemented policy and as such the company receives annual ACC levy rebates.

Higgs Constructions Limited has been officially Certified and achieved SiteWise Green Status.

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